Speciality learning : digital dj

Welcome to Scratch lab dj institute

The Digital DJ seminar is one of our most popular and most asked about topics.  The seminar is taught by Scratch Lab instructors DJ La-Z-E and DJ Jed-I.  This two day seminar teaches various topics including:

  • • Evolution of the Digital DJ & the various types of mp3 software
  • • Hardware set-up (how the interface interacts with your computers, turntables and/or CD decks) 
  • • Software (how to set-up for DJing as well as setting up cue points, loops and utilizing short keys)
  • • Recording (how to record club sets using various third party software) and setting up soundcards
  • • Maintenance (how to format internal & external hard drives, ie. PC vs. Mac,  while continuing to operate at peak performance)
  • • Troubleshooting
Using Serato Scratch LIVE as the guideline, students will learn the basics of this program while having the opportunity to try it out for themselves.

The Digital DJ seminar will give new DJs an idea of what is available to them in the 21st century and will give the veteran DJ a new look at ways to master their craft.

If you would like more information, please contact info@scratchlab.ca.