specialty learning : corporate events

Welcome to Scratch lab dj institute

Scratch Lab DJ Institute provides a unique and engaging Corporate Event experience where employees will be exposed to the world of the DJ while learning the basics.  Scratch Lab has had tremendous success in providing top quality Corporate Event workshops for organizations like Sirius Satellite Radio, Pioneer, Wrigley's, Meet Market Adventures, Red Bull and more. 

Employees will be interested in learning to DJ because they are known as today’s rock stars, and in Toronto, DJs are everywhere from the restaurants we eat in, to the clubs and lounges that we frequent.  In addition to learning to DJ, the group experience will be interactive as participants will work together on a number of skills that will help “build the team.” 

Scratch Lab DJ Institute’s Corporate Event workshops will give you the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a real DJ! 

A basic Corporate Event Workshop includes:

A DJ instructional workshop (minimum 1 hour) with hands-on tutelage from our celebrity DJ instructors.

An authentic DJ battle where your employees will take the skills they have learned from the class and “battle” against each other. The winners walk away with some authentic Scratch Lab gear.

We can easily adjust the times and duration of the instructional class and are happy to work with you to recommend and/or prepare any food and drinks you would like made available. Scratch Lab can also coordinate with professional caterers should your company desire.

If you would like more information on our Corporate Event workshops, please contact info@scratchlab.ca.